Fakesgiving 2010: Take One

London, 1981: John Cleese stars alongside Miss Piggy in The Great Muppet Caper.

London, 1988: John Cleese makes Jamie Lee Curtis squeal in A Fish Called Wanda.

Long-way-from-London, 2006: John Cleese cameos in Charlotte’s Web as the voice of Samuel the Sheep. Wilbur the Pig steals the show – are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

London, 2010: John Cleese misses out big time on A Pig Called Turkey, aka the most succulent suckling piggy that ever was.

OINK OINK! (gobble, gobble is soooo 2009)

Rotisserie rendered “Turkey” went down a treat alongside browned butter and chili infused sweet potato mash, beetroot and spinach salad, starch-tastic stuffing, crumbly cornbread, rosemary roasted potatoes, chargrilled onions, rice and peas, plus a vibrantly green medley of brussels sprouts, mange tout, and zucchini.

Last but not least: lemon meringue, mascarpone berry tart, classic cheesecake and pecan pie with maple syrup infused whipped cream (what means lactose intolerant?).

Goddamn! I love me some Fakesgiving.

Pie making = mess making

Editor’s note: Fakesgiving is most often celebrated abroad on the Saturday previous to or post American Thanksgiving. At least one American ex-pat should be present to oversee and regulate the event. Cross cultural attendance is highly encouraged. This year Fakesgiving Numero Uno saw representatives from Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Holland, France, Germany, Jamaica, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, China and Japan. An international pigfest of epic proportions.

Fakesgiving 2010: Take One

3 thoughts on “Fakesgiving 2010: Take One

    1. The Canadians in attendance that evening told me there wasn’t nearly enough maple syrup in the whipped cream to call it ‘infused’. So you’re in luck as I’ll have to try again at Christmas. x

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