Don’t get too many turkeys ’round these parts

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Leonor Riel Williamson
Date: 25 November 2010 10:31
Subject: …
To: Mary Garvin


You know you’re a long way from home – in many ways – when on Thanksgiving Day (the actual, very Thursday when your entire motherland has the day off from work, yes, that Thursday) finds you sitting at your desk in West London eating microwave lasagne followed several hours later by stir-fry-for-one back at the flat for supper. And when you start saying flat instead of apartment and supper instead of dinner. Treacle instead of molasses, rubbish not garbage… anti-clockwise, barking, bender, bob, bobby, bollocks, bugger, boozer, cheeky, cheers, chap, cheerio, chuffed, daft, dole, fancy, fanny, fortnight, gutted, higgledy-piggledy, jammy, jolly, knob, loo, lovely, love-bite, kiss-of-life, mate, more-ish, naff, nicked, nance, pants, piss about, piss off, plastered, porridge, pikey, potty, prat, pukka, pull, quid, shandy, skive, shite, shirty, shag, slag, slapper, snog, sloshed, smarmy, smart, smashing, sod off, sod’s law, spanner, squidgey, starkers, stroppy, suss, ta, take the piss, tool, telly, tosser, twee, twit, twat, uni, waffle, welly, willy, wonky, zed.

Like ooey, gooey, trickley treacle, they’re tasty on the tongue them words.

Don’t get too many turkeys ’round these parts

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