Fakesgiving 2010: Take Two (I’m stuffed, how about you?)


  • La Cochonette
  • 2 other Maida Vale based American ex-pats
  • A hefty handful of one particularly handsome, London-born, American baby boy
Crowned Prince of Paddington Rec
  • 2 American cousines – southern belle sisters from Georgia
  • 4 burly (yet oh-so-charming) rugby playing Frenchmen
  • 1 English, organic, fair-trade cotton retailer (with 2 pint-sized Franco-English rosettes in tow)
  • 1 blossoming expectant mother, straight off the train from Paris
  • 12-15 bottles of champagne, 6 of a particularly fine rouge, and 1 of Calvados (thank you, The Winery)
  • 1 expertly roasted, bathtub brined turkey
  • Stilton laced dauphinoise potatoes
  • Herby stuffing and sultry, savoury gravy
  • Steamed broccoli (optional)
  • Libby’s Original Recipe pumpkin pie
  • Pear and cranberry tart

Place all ingredients at one sort-of-big-enough table and let nature take its course. Polish off with a late night round of amateur blackjack (minimum bet: 20p), freshly brewed (and crazy delicious) turkey consommé, French macaroons, just a leeeetle more champagne, et voila… may I present you with the  smashingly successful closing ceremony to Fakesgiving 2010 (a.k.a. Sanksgeeving deux-mille-dix).

Merci a Famille Dupuy for hosting us all in style but more importantly for sharing this insane video avec moi.

Until next year Fakesgiving!

Fakesgiving 2010: Take Two (I’m stuffed, how about you?)

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