Want fries with that?

Of course I do.

And while you’re at it, how about a slab of pork belly on that burger too? Or actually, next time, how about not?

I mean, La Cochonette hearts pork belly as much as (or likely more than) the next swine aficionado and I get it that we’re essentially talking about a bourgeois bacon burger here but let’s just start with the architecture of this specimen. Like the leaning tower of Pisa, the engineering’s all off. You should be able to dive straight into a solid burger without hesitation and without the fear of the whole thing falling to pieces – unfortunately I was forced to utilise the dreaded, wimpy, half-slice technique while tearing into The Lion‘s “Special Blend” burger on Thursday night. Always a bad sign of things to come.

After the first bite I ended up with two halves of a hamburger, a side of fries, a petite personal jar-o-pickles, and a superfluous-to-necessity hunk of pork belly which did not stay nestled in nicely ‘twixt burger and bun and which – quelle horreur! – I was forced to tackle later with a fork (an irrelevant utensil in burgerdom). I am a great supporter of creativity, experimentation and invention in all fields but if your experiment fails why keep serving it as a meal to curious strangers?

The Lion's "Special Blend" burger, aka "silliness between buns"

Apologies for the poorly lit photo and more so for the claw-like Vulcan death grip on this strange meatwich melange but I was trying to sneak in a quick porky pic at No. 62, West 9th Street where apparently it’s forbidden to document by camera. Oops. Sorry Mr DeLucie. Sorry celebrity diners. Sorry cranky lady at the table next to us. But the people need to know.

Want fries with that?

2 thoughts on “Want fries with that?

  1. Leodag says:

    lord, Marydag… chowing down on some rogue meatwich is something you should be doing with Cochonette & Co. Je suis jealous… but kind of relieved that it was a flop – would hate to have missed an epic food find like that. Es. Selfish.

    1. NYC speakesy dining = London gastropub with attitude. Don’t you worry. There are plenty more of these joints for us to try. Get over here quick though… I’m hungry.

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