Snow Global: London, December 2010

Double deckers
Highbury Fields
Snowy row houses
Nice day for a white wedding...
or for a white burial... not a chart topping title, no, but this smattering of snow sure is sumptuous - sugary soft, subtly soundproof and oh-so-splendiferous.
Snow Global: London, December 2010

3 thoughts on “Snow Global: London, December 2010

  1. Andrew. says:

    Hello. I discovered your image titled ‘Snowy Row Houses’ while researching for a film. Do you have a high-res, like as big and as raw as you have, version, and would you be interesting in licensing it for use?

    1. Hi Andrew… thanks for your interest in the ‘Snowy Row Houses’ image and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I’m fairly certain this photo was snapped on an old Blackberry (!) and so I don’t have a high-res version. I wish I did! It was taken on a special afternoon walking home in the heavy snow through Highbury with my best friend. If I do manage to find a larger file, are you still interested or have I missed the boat with my delayed response?

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