A breath of fresh air (and a mouthful of food)

Just back in London from a whopping six week trip to Americay. It was long and it was loud and it was large and it was lovely and it was lip-smackingly lively… so here’s my round up of all things new (well, new to me at least) and cool in the northeast quadrant of the bountiful U.S. of A…

Longman & Eagle

Longman & Eagle, Chicago, IL – take it from a lost London soul on a lonely pre-blizzard visit to the Windy City… Bucktown may still be up and coming but this Logan Square gastropub has most definitely up and come. And now you should up and go. It’s authentic, original and inspiring. Oh and they’ve just opened six cute lil’ rooms upstairs in case you want to have dinner and wake up to breakfast in the same rad, award-winning, resto.

Didn’t get a chance to check this one out as it wasn’t open yet but heard good things from the concierge at the Elysian and plan to head back to my mother’s motherland sometime soon… Grahamwich, Chicago, IL. Let me know what you think if you’ve been and you’re reading and you care to share.

Ace Hotels

The John Dory Oyster Bar and The Breslin and Stumptown, Ace Hotel, New York, NY – is there nothing them pesky Ace folks don’t do exceedingly well?! Argh. So achingly hip and right-on target every time. I love these passionate people and their pursuits.

Il Laborotorio del Gelato, New York, NY – promptly after Sunday brunch at Freemans, my sad-puppy-dog-eyed friend convinced owner Jon Snyder against his will to sell us a not-for-sale, classic-vanilla-ice-cream-with-chocolate-cookie sam’ich… she’s good at getting what she wants when she wants to eat it. Personally untested, imaginary flavour combination currently keeping me up at night: one scoop black sesame + one scoop salted caramel. Cone. April in NYC can’t come soon enough.

'Turkey Porchetta' at the rotisserie

Eataly, New York, NY – yeah, yeah, yeah… let’s meataly at Eataly… again. Desperately wanted to hate the place for the hokey name but it’s so gosh darn tasty and satisfying for an afternoon of grazing and salivating that I went back twice in two days. Mario Batali sighting on day 2. Why doesn’t he shave his head? I digress… the turkey porchetta sandwich in a word: dericious.

The Barn at Bedford Post, Bedford, NY – let’s just say that veal meatballs and spaghetti in San Marzano tomato sauce hit exactly the right spot at exactly the right time… only an hour or so away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. A total treat!

Forty 1˚ North, Newport, RI – simmery warm summery sunsets with cocktail in hand are what cold winter dreams are made of when you glimpse at the dockside resto of this cosmopolitan little B&B in nautical Newport.

We, The Pizza, Washington DC – with fizzy drinks named silly things like Love You Long Time Lemon Lime and Good Morning Vietnam Coffee Soda this one falls in with Eataly on the gimicky language front BUT it is notoriously difficult to sink your teeth into good pizza in the nation’s capitol and We, The Pizza simply Rocked, The Kasbah.

Congratulations Capitol Hill!

And just ’cause I’m feeling generous, here are two beloved old stand-by’s that never fail to impress… Franny’s, Brooklyn, NY and Cafe Habana, New York, NY.

Go forth and eat my people.

A breath of fresh air (and a mouthful of food)

4 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air (and a mouthful of food)

    1. Perhaps that means we should get together and EAT SOME GRUB real soon. Or perhaps it means you should rustle up some more of those tasty mustardy, cocktail weenies and we crack open a bottle of vino on the boat again. That was fun. x

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