Why’d Nicholas Cage have to go and steal my New Orleans thunder?

I mean, I can understand getting drunk in New Orleans… they take their cocktail makin’ and shakin’ seriously in NOLA (thank you charming Chris Hannah of French 75 for the BEST French 75’s ever made). But no need to get disorderly and abusive Nick. Plenty of other ways to take the edge off in the Big Easy, ie…

doin the Crawfish ChaCha...
...or (a little less classy, but no less fun) the Gator Grind.

And if you happen to get tipsier-than-intended you’re in the right place to remedy that in no time at all with some seriously satisfying eats. In particular, sandwiches… and particularly in particular, po’boys. There happened to be a cardiologists convention in town at the very same time La Cochonette was grazing the Gulf… nothing funnier than a bunch of heart doctors chowing down on a heap of Famous Ferdis at Mother’s. Not familiar with the Ferdi? Oh, it’s just a foot of fluffy french bread filled with baked ham, roast beef and a little something called ‘debris’. You’re advised to view this clip from Man vs Food and wait for my favourite part which I just watched approximately 12 times in a row so that I could bring you this jewel of a meat-twixt-bread transcription:

Host, Adam Richman: Now talk to me about the debris… it’s actually bits of beef, right?

Butcher, Joe Balderas: It’s actually bits of beef. Right. Like the part that ooooh that, that falls in the gravy and the gravy’s touchin’ it and all the seasonin’…

Yum. Although if you’re in the mood for a malted milkshake with your sarnie (and why wouldn’t you be?!) then head directly to Stanley. Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.


Just sit yourself down at a sun-dappled table, at the welcoming wooden bar, wherever  – look, the sign tells you to – and order some grub. In our greedy case: one chicory coffee, two tall glasses of water (which should have been two cold Abita beers but, as I imagine may have happened to poor Nicky Cage, we had been over-served the night before by a talented and zealous sommelier at the marvelous Lilette and so were attempting to re-hydrate), one oyster po’boy, one soft-shell crab po’boy, one gumbo, one caesar salad (La Cochonette did not order this salad nor did she condone the sudden appearance of nutrient laden vegetation), one Bananas Foster malted milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Stanley smorgasbord
These Stanley people dont mess around! Check out the legs on that crabwich!

Oh, and a plain old vanilla milkshake to go. We had a long walk through leafy green, candy coloured Tremé ahead of us, OK?! Gosh. Take your Judgy McJudgerson judgements and fling them Nick’s way, would’ya?!

Why’d Nicholas Cage have to go and steal my New Orleans thunder?

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