Sometimes on a Sunday…

…I lay in bed listening to the satisfying repetitive city sound of cars swishing up my street. I stare into the middle distance watching the cotton candy clouds breeze by my window against a cornflower blue sky and I daydream about good food gone by. It’s fun for a while, then I get hungry, then I get REAL hungry then I feel a bit sorry for myself that I can’t eat those things RIGHT NOW exactly as they are in my techni-taste-ular memory, then I drag my sorry ass out of bed, make some coffee and move to the sunny terrace, sniff the roses, the lavender and the rosemary, swoon with pride at the one blossoming blush pink peony, sink into a stripey deckchair and watch them clouds roll by some more. Ahhhh Sunday… if I had my way today I’d be in Thailand

...sitting in this chair...
...staring at this beach...
...eating breakfast at Plaa's in Koh Phangan complete with steamy Thai coffee, lemongrass tea...
...and a tropical fruit platter piled high with the sweetest, juiciest mango, pineapple, watermelon, banana, papaya and dragon fruit (the last two I can kind of do without if I'm being really honest), strawberry mango yoghurt smoothie, watermelon juice, pancakes with fresh lime and honey... oh mama! Beam me up, Scotty!
If I was still a little peckish (which somehow I usually am)... I wouldn't even say no to a bite of Valerie's PB&B creation.
Followed of course by a long hammock nap chilling with our t-shirt clad pooch-of-a-pal, called, wait for it: Brad Pitt...
...and his mate, Piggy the pig.
Sometimes on a Sunday…

4 thoughts on “Sometimes on a Sunday…

  1. Ah, I’m not entirely sure which place I’d rather be, London or Thailand. I do know this, I’d rather be with you anywhere!!

  2. Valerie says:

    chere cochonette, seeing this inspired me to have a BB&PB for breakfast this morning. Toasted banana bread with peanut butter – yuuuum.

    1. chere valeriechen. you are a genius sent from heaven. this sounds marvellous – can you courier one to my office please? thanks. bisous xx la cochonette

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