Lunch Club: Cheese on Toast

More on the origins of “Lunch Club” some other time… for now, suffice to say it’s an exclusive, by-invitation-only, not-so-secret-society of escapist, day-dreaming, desk-bound omnivores. Lunch is a vehicle used not only to transport ourselves swiftly from starving to stuffed but also to convey our travelling tastebuds from the restful mundane to the reste du monde. Bon. I don’t know about you, but all that French practice has made me hungry… first thing’s first, pick up some groceries.

La belle Fromagerie: painterly produce, rainbow shoppers, a disco ball and that insane-in-the-membrane cheese room.

This savvy swine was able to do so at the Marylebone branch of London’s luscious La Fromagerie while wandering home one sunny evening from Mayfair to Maida Vale. Lucky me… lucky Lunch Club.

1 creamy ball o’ burrata

1 springy loaf of Poilane sliced sour dough

1 bursting at the seams Couer de Boeuf tomato

1 bunch of fresh basil wrapped up in brown paper like a bouquet of flowers (pathetic premium paid for soil encrusted roots)

1 head of delicate leafy greens

Salt, pepper, olive oil (in this case the delicate Giarraffa varietal from magnifico Mandranova), vinegar

And bonus round… a loving spoonful of last night’s leftover orecchiette tossed in a tub of La Fromagerie’s perky pesto

Hack open that beckoning burrata and lay lovingly on toasted bread. Slice tomato. Scatter shredded basil with abandon (note: shake dirt off from roots AWAY from your lunch plate… oops… I’m sure Alain Ducasse is down with a bit of French dirt?! OK maybe not. His food is perfect. I digress.). Serve with delicately dressed salad and pasta on the side. Drizzle Mandranova oil over pretty much everything you see in front of you. Salt, pepper, vinegar to taste… you know the drill.

Et voila! Lunch is served.
LC's co-conspirator/co-founder, Jazzy D, tucking in.
Lunch Club: Cheese on Toast

6 thoughts on “Lunch Club: Cheese on Toast

  1. Jazzy Darby says:

    I feel very proud to be a founding member of lunch club with you Marita…Lunch club forever! x

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