(no.2) Sometimes on a Sunday…

…I’m lucky enough to not have to daydream.

Today (although I didn’t feel lucky at the time) I was blessed to wake up at the crack of dawn to schlep to Victoria Station to meet one of my favourite people in the whole world so that we could go on yet another adventure together. After a jaunt on the Gatwick Express we did a bit more schlepping through check-in, airport security, and speedy boarding, through a three hour and 20 minute flight, through customs, car hire and an afternoon hotel show-around.

All so that we could end the day in Santorini having met the kind of people who set the world right. The kind of people who make you forget that you’re working on the weekend; who take you out to dinner; who make you laugh and who laugh at you; who make you feel welcome; who make you feel wholeheartedly part of their wonderful ways. Effortlessly. It’s magic when it happens.

So, goodnight, goodnight, turn out the light. Sweet dreams and goodnight from yours truly in Greece.
(no.2) Sometimes on a Sunday…

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