“Pasta is my life”

I was very recently bestowed the luxury of hiring an assistant at work. I’m based in London; AMN is based in NYC – so, these days, I don’t even have to leave my desk to experience the effects of jet lag. Instant messaging = our main mode of communication and while it has proven extremely efficient for getting the job done, today I realised that I can just as easily go off on a food tangent via technology as I can in normal conversation. So instead of telling AMN to please do this and please do that, I found myself explaining how very delicious my working-from-home-lunch-club-for-one was this afternoon (steamy spaghetti smothered in Mandranova’s creamy pistachio pesto topped with grated parmigiana just in case you was curious).


To my delight, AMN’s response and our ensuing QWERTY-logue:

AMN:  haha pasta is my life. i wrote that in my ‘about me’ section of a book i wrote in second grade

me:  my friend martina texted me the other day and said she was desperately trying to think of a non-pasta based dinner but that she was stumped, i.e. pretty sure such a thing did not exist

AMN:  hahaha i’m with her on that one

me:  i think we need to write that into your smith bio.
AMN:  it’s the truth – i live for pasta
And so the story very happily begins… not that I ever worried, but turns out we’re going to get on JUST FINE me and my awfully amicable al-dente-admiring assistante.
“Pasta is my life”

2 thoughts on ““Pasta is my life”

  1. Can I just say that I agree with every bit of this post?? Pasta is also my life – the first time I went to Italy I had pasta twice a day for two weeks – it was the best trip ever.

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