(no. 4) Sometimes on a Sunday…

…you wake up groggily in London to a bleeping BlackBerry delivering a barrage of emails sent in the middle of the night and instead of grumbling about how out-of-control work is getting, you quickly realise that these swift missives are from your fantabulously fun yet far-flung-family and you jump out of bed and do a little jig celebrating the arrival of the much anticipated:

YEAH! That's what I said... TWIN POPS!

Welcome to the world Baby Boy A and Baby Boy B!!! Hurry up and get some names, send my love to your Ma and Pa, to Uncle Guthrie and your big sister too.

Oh, and good timing on Father’s Day – you clever little things! I like your style.

Love from London,

your very proud Aunt Maire

(no. 4) Sometimes on a Sunday…

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