What’s for dinner at Mary’s?


La Cochonette and leftovers – we’ve rarely been the best of friends. Sure, on occasion you meet some gems but they tend to be of the stew variety wherein the meal actually improves with age, ie black beans and rice, chili con carne, lentil soup, boeuf bourguignon (my apologies to Julia Child but “beef-in-a-bag” is the variation we grew up with – not exactly the most enticing name but trust me, when it’s good, it’s REAL good).

I know, I know, I know… everyone tells me there’s a world of potential to be had with food you didn’t manage to have yesterday or the day before (or two weeks before if we’re talking about one particular summer, my mother and coleslaw). But it’s just not my thang. While I’ve been known to successfully integrate leftovers into Lunch Club at the office on occasion, more often than not leftovers-for-dinner just plain bums me out.

And when I’m bummed out I surf the web. And when I surf the web I come across things like this which you might happen to enjoy as well:

What’s for dinner at Mary’s?

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