Duty Free Deliciousness: Greek Salad

I dream of being that person who breezes through airports with nothing other than a book, some cash and a passport. Of course it’s possible for me to do this on the outbound journey but inbound – look out and clear the overhead cabins people! My weakness for Duty Free shops means I’m the one who boards the plane lugging a sack full of clinking jugs and jars, tubs and tubes, pots and plastic packets of munchable miscellania.

Duty Free mash up

Today’s cupboard stock check of internationally acquired food includes: oregano, feta, honey, a single sesame snack bar and kalamata olive paste from Greece, Portuguese coffee beans (does anyone have a grinder I can borrow?!), a bounty from Italy – peperoncini piccanti di Campania e Calabria, polenta, funghi porcini, pomodori di San Marzano, bootleg bottles of mirto and grappa, sea salt from France, a potent German digestivo called Killepitsch, Mexican chipotle hot sauce and a bumper pack of dried spices from India including turmeric, coriander, mustard seed, cumin, cardamom, clove, star anise, fenugreek, nutmeg, and nutmace. Nutwhat? Nutmace.

So with a little inspiration from a recent trip to Santorini and quite possibly the prettiest cookbook I own, I cracked out a Greek Salad yesterday afternoon – the first dish in La Cochonette’s Duty Free Deliciousness series where travel inspires food and food inspires travel. Bon appétit et bon voyage!

Falling Cloudberries, A World of Family Recipes by Tessa Kiros
tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, feta, kalamata, olive oil, lemon juice, oregano - no brainer Greek insalata
Hellenic Duty Free Shops bag conveniently doubles as a picnic placemat - stole them cute napkins and hot pink bendy straw from the airport coffee counter.
Duty Free Deliciousness: Greek Salad

2 thoughts on “Duty Free Deliciousness: Greek Salad

  1. Bendy Straw!!!! Love it! Some names are hardwired into our childhood selves; bendy straw is one of them. Like “the way back” for drinking. Thanks for the culinary mini-vacay.

    1. The one thing better than a bendy straw is the curly whirly straw… you know the one that’s all twisted in knots towards the top?! Oh my god. The satisfaction of watching whatever you were drinking race through those twisty tunnels!!! Pure joy.

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