Lunch Club: Cornish Crab

On a recent 8 hour road trip to a magical house in Cornwall with a car-full of my closest friends someone made the rookie school boy error of suggesting we play ‘animal, vegetable, mineral’…

La Cochonette: Ooh, ooh! Pick me, pick me! I’ve got one. 

Car Chorus: OK, OK. (begrudginly). So, is it a vegetable? 

LC: No.

CC: Is it an animal?

LC: Yes. 

CC: Is it a mammal?

LC: Nope. 

CC: OK then. Does it live in the water? 

LC: It certainly does (until it doesn’t).

CC: Does it live in Cornwall? 

LC: Bien sur. 

CC: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ please. Enough of your Frenchy lip. 

LC: Boring. Yes it lives in Cornball. 

CC: Is it a crab?

LC: Bingo! Jackpot! Well, sort of. Kind of. It was a crab. Once upon a time. Until a fisherman (crabberman?) caught it and now it’s mashed up with lemon juice and blackpepper and it’s a crabwich in my starving mid-car-trip-imagination. I want that now please. 

white meat is tasty but brown meat's got all the flava' flave
mash it, smash it, parsley and radish it
layer 'em up and ooh lookie - nasturtiums!

LC: Ummmm…. are we there yet?! 5 hours?! What-the-what?!! Oh man. Crab. Crab. Crab. I want crab. Anyone wanna play again? I’ve got a good one. 

CC: (collective sigh) Is it an animal? 

LC: Oh jes. 

CC: Is it a crabwich? 

LC: No way Jose. Try again. 

CC: Crab linguine? 

LC: Dang it to hell. You guys are good. 

be still my steaming, buttery, crabby heart
welcome to yumtown 3000 on a pretty blue plate
Lunch Club: Cornish Crab

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