Queen Conch

It’s raining. It’s pouring. It’s tropical storming.

In the Bahamas on a less-than-perfect day eating a more-than-perfect conch salad at island institution, Queen Conch. Fresh conch meat, sour orange, lime juice, salt and spice, onions, peppers, tomatoes (diced) mixed up ceviche style in a flash by the charming Chanella Percentie. Expertly executed with an infectious smile while moving us from stool to stool, outside to inside, battening down the turquoise shuttered hatches, etc… all in the attempt to keep us dry, fed and happy. Mission accomplished.

Oh and she also managed to make La Cochonette feel like a local when she caught my surname in conversation. “Garvin?!” she exclaimed. “That sounds like a West Indian name to me!”

Drive by chicken sighting... hunger begins.
Taking cover in Queen Conch complete with...
...painted bartop - tropical fisherwoman hunter gatherer lady collecting conch.
A few key crunchy ingredients...
...doctored with spicy, salty, sweet and sour.
Ahoy! Pull this ship over!
There's a storm brewing...
...and more importantly, a chewy conch concoction worth getting wet for.
Queen Conch

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