Morning sickness

I have a problem.

I wake up and want a milkshake for breakfast. Immediately. A slice of leftover birthday cake. Chocolate chip cookies. Baklava. Cherry pie. Pecan pie. Cupcakes. A gooey almond croissant. M&Ms. Anything for that sweet fix circa 7am. Washed down with a steaming black cup o’ jo. No milk. No sugar. I’ll take those items from the breakfast bar of my imagination. Coffee cake. Doughnuts. Doughnut holes. Brownies…

Is that bad?

I want that real bad...
I want that now.
Morning sickness

6 thoughts on “Morning sickness

  1. Elizabeth says:

    That title made me read this post immediately! I just made a perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies. Come on over!!

  2. Big AL says:

    I’m sure you could get everything from an ACTUAL breakfast bar, no? Also, food can never be a bad idea, right? I wouldn’t worry if I were you, weighing nothing seems to be a genetic thing! Ha Ha!

  3. @Elizabeth: me, too!! Nothing wrong with a milkshake for breakfast: all the major food groups (dairy, sugar, butterfat, ice) including chocolate, if you’re like me. And, leftover birthday cake and coffee is food of the Gods (no really, I hear Zeus is a big fan).

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