Newsflash: most important meal of the day STILL important

In the last two months (among many other things) La Cochonette has been fortunate enough to break the fast in London, Rio de Janeiro, Isle of Mull, Stockholm, Hampshire and tomorrow Cannes.

So gosh darn important is petit dejeuner that yesterday I had it twice: first at Bill Granger’s new Notting Hill joint (Granger & Co) – ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter, banana and maple syrup anyone?! followed by a late afternoon lunch/snack (l’snack?) – a reliably delicioso dose of fried egg on sourdough with chilibeans, goat cheese and rocket. Damn. My coffee cup overfloweth. Other highlights include a breakfast butty to beat all butties at Big Polis in Rio, homemade apple goodness in Mull and a new something-on-toast invention discovered at Pizza East Portobello:

Aint no ordinary breakfast bap... perfectly tenderised and flattened filet mignon seared and singing with salt crystals topped with a simple fried egg and sandwiched betwixt two squishy buns. Washed back with a pineapple and mint smoothie. Obrigada Big Polis!
Apple pancakes with bacon and maple syrup served up by Americ(I)an and enjoyed with resident deerstalker, smooth peanut butter lover and impromptu dance-off champion, none other than Mary Louise Avery.
Avocado on toast with chili, lemon juice and basil is tough to beat. Until some genius went and did this: burrata, honeycomb, fresh figs and basil on toast. Yup. You heard it here first. Go forth - make it and eat it. Or if you happen to live in the W10 vicinity just go there and eat it and then thank me later.
Newsflash: most important meal of the day STILL important

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