FAKESgiving 2012: takes the cake

Well folks, turns out it’s all about the dessert this year. In no particular order…

Canadian apple cake conjured up by an ever-so-charming Irishman. Not sure what exactly Canadianises the cake but awfully pleased about how this leftover slab of baked goodness is making my Sunday afternoon cup of tea, well... ridonkinglouslydelicious in a word.
Vanilla custard and frangiapane tart topped with fresh blueberries and blackberries - hold the strawberries or risk one American holiday being decorated right into another. Bonjour Independence Day - what are you doing here in December? And in London no less?!

And chewy pecan squares with shortbread crust – here’s how: 1 kilo French unsalted butter, pecans, honey, sugar, more sugar, a little more butter wack in the oven and dial 1-800-ALERT YOUR DENTIST AND PRIMARY HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. To cut the sweetness may we advise taking your cholesterol count ever slightly higher with a tangy dollop of creme fraiche. If only I had read Smitten Kitchen’s 2006 entry regarding the very same Ina Garten recipe BEFORE I went and made the same gooey goddamn mistakes.

So THANKS again to FAKES and FAKESgivingers... for consistently adding to the long list of reasons why London is so darn special to me. I mean are they kidding me with this twinkle-toes, light-bulb-laden bridge under a Peter Pan full moon, reflecting crazy prettiness over the Thames? Just stop it Albert Bridge. You're showing off now.
FAKESgiving 2012: takes the cake

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