Juicy fruit

I love it when someone takes something already familiar to you and then blows your mind open with a new way to approach it.

So without further ado (and with many thanks to a fellow lover of life’s simple things: the inspiring, effervescent, knowledgeable and ever-curious Negar Esfandiary) I give you: the Iranian way to eat a pomegranate.

Buy some Peruvian lilies in full bloom and uber-blue ceramics for the ultimate background shot. Wait. No. Just get yourself a ripe pomegranate.
Find the hard ridges on the side and as long as you’re not manning a camera as well (not recommended) overlap two thumbs over these ridges and press down firmly to break the juicey jewels inside.
Make your way around the whole pomegranate in this fashion relishing in every ripple of crunchy sounds signifying that you’re succeeding…
Until you’re left with a liquid laden leathery sack…
Pierce the bottom of the pom with a knife if you’re an urbanite without a washing machine and a fear of irreversible juice stains (or if, like Negar, you’re a little girl in Tehran in the seventies and you’ve already asked your Great Uncle to do the hard pod pressing work… now just bite into the bottom with your teeth and the juice is yours!)
Drink your heart out Capri Sun! Squeeze until you can’t squeeze no more… and the juice runs dry.
Give thanks to your new friend, nature’s little leather juicebox.
And if you’re like me… slice that deflated nectar giver in half because you 1. really like the idea of cross sections and the symmetry of fold and squish paintings of your youth and 2. you just have to know how many of those exotic ruby pods are still waiting for you inside.
Juicy fruit