Ohhhhh it’s a jolly ‘oliday with Mayreeeeee….

After nine years on these fair British Isles, my English accent is sadly as bad as Bert the chimney sweep’s. I can’t really carry a tune either. Neither of these facts has stopped me from running, skipping, swinging and jumping around the UK in search of fun while very genuinely humming along to the Mary Poppins soundtrack of my youth and experiencing first hand the joy that movie brought to me as a child.

  • A walk through Primrose Hill = Let’s go fly a kite
  • Countryside adventures or off-island escapes = Jolly Holiday
  • Cycling past the steps of St Paul’s = Feed the birds
  • Bankers, bonuses and general bad practice = Fidelity Fiduciary Bank & A British Bank
  • Impromptu dance parties at the neighbour’s = Step in time
  • Any number of breakfasts with the most family-like of friends = I love to laugh

And now in honour of my recently published Mr & Mrs Smith review of The Pig in Hampshire (to the tune of Chim Chim Cher-ee)…

Pig pig-it-ee, pig pig-it-ee
pig, pig, sou-eee!
This pig is as lucky, as lucky can be!
Ohhhhh it’s a jolly ‘oliday with Mayreeeeee….