Olympic Eats

I tried to watch the Opening Ceremony here in New York. I tried real hard. Unfortunately NBC completely forgot that live television is possible in 2012. Thankfully I was entertained in real-time by a steady stream of WhatsApp commentary from a veritable united nations of UK friendos reporting from their respective sofas (and a handful from Hyde Park):

LA: Why have they put a ‘shire’ in the middle of the Olympic stadium? Here comes the cast of Sleepy Hollow!

TW: It’s going to get better. Just wait.

LA: It IS getting better!! The Queen is so nubile.

KP: Yayyyyyy Greece!

KK: Cammmmmmembert! V for Victory!!!

VH: Braaaaatwurst!!!! Nice outfits! (was a joke of course)

NY: Go Chinaaaaaaa! Hoi sin!

LRW: Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! Oi oi oi!!!

And all throughout this gripping live coverage I kept wondering… where’s FM?

Over to the Olympic (Diner) Pavilion where we have the first heat of the Gold(en Burger) competition about to begin. This year’s course is looking rather challenging indeed! Is that LOBSTER on top of that all-beef-patty?!
Smooth execution but he’ll lose points for not sticking that landing. Sloppy on the finish. If he can regain his focus he just might edge out the competition for Silver. Stay tuned.
Olympic Eats